Entries for the practical examination session beginning August 1st 2024 have closed. Entries may be accepted subject to a $25 late fee per student at the discretion of the Board. Please contact us directly. Entries for the following examination session will be accepted after August 1st 2024
Enter Online NZMEB is now accepting entries for the theory examination session beginning on November 2nd 2024

Examination Policies

Appeals Procedure

Every effort is made to make each examination an enjoyable event. The examiners are professionals in their field and are highly trained to conduct quality assessments and to provide informative reports.

Practical examinations:

Appeals which question the professional judgment of the examiners will not be considered. However an appeal may be made on the basis of an irregular procedure on the part of the examiner e.g. Incorrect scales asked for grade; musical knowledge questions asked outside the grade.

The appeal must be made in writing and posted to NZMEB by the person who signed the original entry form. Appeals must be made within seven days of the examination.

Theory examinations:

Requests for a review should be made in writing by the person who signed the entry form. The original mark sheet should be forwarded with the request. Requests for review should be postmarked not more than 7 days after receipt of the mark sheet. If the original mark is found to be incorrect, the entrant's mark will be adjusted accordingly.

Privacy Policy

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Refund Policy

Entries at one centre cannot be transferred to another centre or deferred to a later session.

For entrants who withdraw from an examination our policy is that we will credit half of the examination fee towards their entry in the following year on receipt of a doctor's certificate. It is not transferable to another student.

If an entrant wishes to postpone the examination or to take it at a different centre a new entry form must be completed and the appropriate fee must be paid. The original fee cannot be refunded.

Report Forms

Report Forms for Practical Examinations will be forwarded to teachers as soon as possible after the examination. This should be within two to three weeks of the examination.

The NZMEB written examination report forms will be forwarded to teachers as soon as possible after the examination. Despatch should be within five weeks after the session.

Report forms for Performance Evaluation Programme and Pre-preliminary Programme are to be presented to the entrant as they depart the examination studio.

Entrants with Special Needs

Please see here for important information

Grading for Practical Examinations

Gradings are determined according to the descriptors and criteria in our syllabuses.

Pre-Preliminary is an assessment only and entrants will receive a certificate.

All grades from Preliminary to Performance Certificate (inclusive) receive a grading:

High DistinctionA+
Credit PlusB
Pass PlusC+
Pass AwardedC-
Not SatisfactoryD

Diploma entrants receive a grading:

Award with Distinction
No Award

In cases where there is a Not Satisfactory, or No Award on the entrant's report form, certificates will not be issued.

Fees and Durations

Practical Examinations

Pre-Preliminary Test*$105.0010 minutes
Preliminary Test$125.0012 minutes
Grade One$155.0014 minutes
Grade Two$175.0015 minutes
Grade Three$190.0020 minutes
Grade Four$215.0022 minutes
Assmt Levels 1 and 2$165.0040 minutes
Grade Five$235.0025 minutes
Grade Six$265.0030 minutes
Assmt Levels 3 to 6$290.0060 minutes
Grade Seven$295.0040 minutes
Grade Eight$340.0050 minutes
Performance Certificate$355.0050 minutes
Performance Certificate Recital$355.0050 minutes
Diploma AMusNZ$795.0050 minutes
Diploma AMusNZ Recital$795.0050 minutes
Diploma LMusNZ$985.0060 minutes
Diploma LMusNZ Recital$985.0060 minutes

Theory Examinations

Grade One$115.0060 minutes
Grade Two$125.0090 minutes
Grade Three$135.00120 minutes
Grade Four$150.00180 minutes
Grade Five$160.00180 minutes
Grade Six$170.00180 minutes

Chamber Music Examinations (fees per entrant)

Level One$65.0020 minutes
Level Two$75.0025 minutes
Level Three$85.0030 minutes
Level Four$95.0040 minutes

Duet Examination (fees per entrant)

Preliminary$70.0014 minutes
Grade One$80.0016 minutes
Grade Two$90.0018 minutes
Grade Three$95.5022 minutes
Grade Four$105.5024 minutes
Grade Five$115.0028 minutes
Grade Six$135.0032 minutes
Grade Seven$150.5042 minutes
Grade Eight$165.5052 minutes

Non-graded assessment

The Board offers two assessment levels to allow students who do not wish to take an examination to have their work evaluated.

Levels One and Two$165.0040 minutes
Levels Three and above$290.0060 minutes

* Pre-preliminary test age restriction applies to entrant at close of entries date

Locations and Dates

Practical Examinations
Practical examinations are held two times a year.
2024 Session one: exams will be held between August 1st until August 31st. Entries will close at midnight on Saturday, April 13th.
2024 Session two: exams will be held between December 1st until December 20th. Entries will close at midnight on Saturday, September 7th.
We strongly advise potential entrants to be prepared to be examined at any time during these dates and to seek advice from your teacher before entering, as NZMEB does not offer a full refund of fees.

Theory Examinations
Theory examinations are held two times a year.
2024 Session one: will be held on Saturday, May 4th. Entries will close at midnight on Saturday, March 16th.
2024 Session two: will be held on Saturday, November 2nd. Entries will close at midnight on Saturday, August 31st.
Exams commence promptly at 9:30am, unless otherwise advised.
Theory exams will be available in all examination centres and in other places on request - contact the office.

Late Entries
Entries received up to two weeks from the closing dates will incur a late entry fee of $10.
After two weeks from the closing dates, entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the Board and will incur a late entry fee of $25 per exam.
Diploma Examinations

Diploma examinations may be arranged on request at a mutually convenient time outside normal examination sessions in main centres only. There will be a 25% surcharge. All applications to go through the Board.

Examination Venues & Local Representatives

Whangarei, Auckland, Matamata/Piako, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Whakatane, Gisborne, Taupo, Napier/Hastings, Wanganui/Marton, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill.

For all other places please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for your students.

The board has established these guidelines for examination venues. If teachers wish to request examinations in their own studios they should first consult these guidelines to determine whether or not their space is suitable.


Andrew Buchanan-Smart, MBA, MMS, MA, MMus, FTCL, LTCL, AIRMT, MInstD
Mathew Stenbo, AMusNZ, MusBHons, GradDipTeach (Secondary), MEdLeadership

Stu Edwards BMA (Music), ATCL, NCAET, OFNL

Katherine Austin, MMus Hons (1st) AIRMT
Andrew Buchanan-Smart, MBA, MMS, MA, MMus, FTCL, LTCL, AIRMT, MInstD
Ingrid Culliford, LRSM, LRAM (Flute & Piano), Dip Ram, ARAM, AIRMT
Paul Ellery, Dip. Mus (Hons) Dip Tchg
Chris Greenslade, BMus(Hons) PGDip, AIRMTNZ
Rae de Lisle, BA, LRSM, LTCL, AIRMT
Richard Liu, MMus Hons (1st)
Kim Naden, ARCM (Hons) LRAM (London) AIRMT
Amber Rainey, M.Perf, B.Mus(Hons), LMusA, AMusA, AIRMT
Mathew Stenbo, AMusNZ, MusBHons, GradDipTeach (Secondary), MEdLeadership
Judy Bellingham, Mentre, BA, FTCL, LRSM, Dip Tchg, AIRMT
Glenese Blake, MA(AT) F.Dip.SCSM
Flora Edwards, TTC(Speech Therapy); AdvDipTerTchg; FTCL; LRSM
Chalium Poppy, BMus(voice), MMus Hons(sacred music)
Gina Sanders, BMus(Auck), FTCL(voice), BA, BMus Hons(Qld), ATCL(piano), AIRMT(NZ)

Martin Griffiths, M. Mus, Ph.D
Tessa Petersen, MusB(Hons), PG Dip (RCM)
James Tennant, BMus Mich
Dr John Thomson, DMA, MMus, BMus(perf), LRSM Prof

Ingrid Culliford, LRSM, LRAM (Flute & Piano), Dip Ram, ARAM, AIRMT
Deborah Rawson, B.A., Dip Mus, FTCL, LRSM
Sally Tibbles, M.Mus, Dip Tchg