With the departure of the AMEB from the New Zealand music examination scene, the need for the establishment of a quality, national alternative was apparent. A charitable trust was set up by the Bay of Plenty Music Studio on July 12, 2006, called New Zealand Music Examinations Board.
The trustees were drawn from Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga and Hawkes Bay.

The first NZMEB syllabuses were the result of many months of consultation with teachers, universities and musicians and were designed to meet the needs of New Zealand's teachers and students. The philosophical approach of the NZMEB was and is still very similar to that of the AMEB.

The syllabuses originally covered piano, piano for pleasure, clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, violin, and singing. Each syllabus covered a wide range of repertoire, including that of New Zealand composers. High standards were set from the beginning and widely respected specialist examiners, many of whom had been trained by AMEB, and others from the New Zealand University community were engaged.

Examining began that same year with both practical and theory exams being offered throughout New Zealand.

A web site was created by Oliver Giles. Kerry Willoughby kindly supplied the New Zealand landscape photos.

The branding and design for the New Zealand Music Examinations Board was generously donated by Jones Partners of Tauranga.

Michael Houstoun was appointed patron in July 2007.
Also in 2007 we appointed Beverley Holder a chartered accountant, as our National Administrator.

During these years a development team was established, to enable the Board to sit within the New Zealand Qualifications framework. Sally Greenaway, a Private Training Establishment educational consultant came on board which resulted in our first Operating Manual.
We approached Waikato University to be our Accrediting body and they willingly agreed.
Following a series of meetings with NZQA staff in Wellington, the development team was joined by Andrew Buchanan-Smart from Waikato University and we gained Course Approval in November 2009.

On the 20th January 2010 at the Institute of Registered Music Teachers Conference, our patron Michael Houstoun gave this speech and our Kaumatua Waaka Vercoe gave this speech.

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