Grade Eight


Choose one of the following three groups
1. C, B Major. Harmonic Minor. Melodic Minor. Chromatic
2. C, F♯ Major Scales in thirds.
3. C, C♯ Major Arpeggios and Broken Chords.
Minor Arpeggios and broken Chords.
Dominant Seventh arpeggios and broken chords (tongued only)
Diminished Seventh arpeggios (tongued only) beginning on the note
Whole Tone Scale (tongued and slurred only)
Sustained note Any one note of the G major scale (upper octave) held for 10 seconds. pp < f > pp
Sustained scale Major scales, 1 octave (upper octave) ascending and descending. Each note equals two beats (tongued only). Breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes.
C scales three octaves, other scale sets two octaves.
All scales, arpeggios, and broken chords to be: All tongued/ All slurred/ two slurred, two tongued/Slurred Pairs/three slurred, one tongued/one tongued, three slurred.
Double tonguing on repeated notes, scales only.
Triple tonguing on repeated notes, scales only.
Range - Inclusive as shown:
Tempo - ascending and descending minimum metronome speed 80, four notes per beat
Slurred octaves and sustained scale 60, one note per two beats - breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes


Three pieces to be chosen by three different composers. Two pieces must be from the list below. One alternative "own choice" work may be substituted and should be at a similar level to those already in the syllabus.
Bach, CPEAllegro from Sonata in A minor40 for Flute ed. Shade (Allans)
Bach, CPEFour Sonatas for Flute & Keyboard Wq83 - 86 Vol 1, any two contrasting mvts of any Sonata(Breitkopf)
BachSonata in E flat BWV 1031 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts(Bärenreiter)
BlavetFlute Concerto in A min 1st mvt AllegroBroekmans & Van Poppel
BoehmNo 11, 12, 19, 21, 23 or 2424 Capriccios Op 26 (Chester) (or as 24 Carprices Op 26 Fischer)
BrumbyMantra40 for Flute ed. Shade (Allans)
Buchanan, DFlute Song for the BirdsLittle Dancings (Sounz)
CastérèdeNo 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 or 1012 Studies
ChaminadeConcertino(UMP) or Flute Music by French Composers (Schirmer)
Cooke, ASonatina(OUP)
DanziConcerto in D min Alla PolaccaPeters
DopplerHungarian Pastorale Fantaisie(Chester) (Fischer)
ed. Harris & AdamsNo 75 or 7676 Graded Studies for Flute Book 2 (Faber)
Elmsly, JLight & ShadeLittle Dancings (Sounz)
GanneAndante and ScherzoFlute Music by French Composers (Schirmer)
GaubertFantaisieFlute Music by French Composers (Schirmer)
Grenfell, MariaPooh Stories (any two)Little Dancings (Sounz)
Gretry, AEMConcerto in C , 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts(IMC)
HandelSonata No 1 in E minor Op 1/1b(Bärenreiter)
HaydnConcerto in D 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts.(Simrock)
HindemithSonata for Flute (1936) 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts.(Schott)
Hunter, Nickfluttering OR contraption OR ballad OR whirlwinds OR forestCascade and other pieces for solo flute
Karg-elertNo 11, 14, 20, 25, 26 or 2930 Studies Op 107 (IMC)
KoehlerNo 9, 10, 11 or 12Flute Studies Op 33 Book 2 ed. Shade (Allans)
MozartConcerto in G K313, 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts(IMC)
PoulencSonata for Flute 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvts.(Chester)
Ritchie, AFlute Concerto Movement IILittle Dancings (Sounz)
Any two of Orchestral Excerpts for Flute Grade 8Flute and Piccolo Orchestral Excerpts (Allans)
SchubertSonata in A min Arpeggione D 821 arr. Hunteler 1st mvt Allegro moderatoBarenreiter
ShockerSonatina 1st & 2nd mvtsPresser
TaffanelAndante Pastoral and ScherzettinoFlute Music by French Composers (Schirmer)
TaggartTambourin or SpritePictures (Hunt Edition/ Spartan Press)
TelemannNo 1, 2, 7 or 1212 Fantasias (Bärenreiter)
VivaldiConcerto in G minor (La Notte)Op 10 No 2(IMC) (Schott)


Musical Knowledge