Grade 8


B♭, C, E Major
B♭, C, E Harmonic Minor
B♭, C, E Melodic Minor
B♭, C, E Chromatic
B♭, C, E Major Scales in Thirds
B♭, C, E Whole Tone Scale
B♭, C, E Major Arpeggios and Broken Chord
B♭, C, E Minor Arpeggios and Broken Chord
B♭, C, E Dominant Sevenths of the major keys (arpeggio only)
B♭, C, E Diminished Sevenths (arpeggio only, beginning on the note)
Double Tonguing B♭ major, 2 octaves (ascending and descending). 2 semi-quavers on each note
Triple Tonguing C major, one octave ascending and descending. Triplet on each note
Sustained note Any one note in the range held for at least 14 seconds, with crescendo and decrecendo (pp - ff - pp)
Sustained scale Major scales, 1 octave (upper octave) ascending. Each note to be held for two beats (tongued only). Breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes
Articulation - All scales to be played ascending and descending two octaves within the required range, otherwise only one octave is necessary.
All scales and arpeggios to be played: all tongued/ all slurred/ two slurred, two tongued/ slurred pairs
Range - Inclusive as shown:
Tempo - Ascending and descending minimum metronome speed 80, four notes per beat

Pieces — Three pieces to be chosen, one from each list, plus one extra repertoire list piece

List A
ArbanNo 3, pp 206-208, No 6, pp 211-212, No 9, pp 215-216, or No 11, pp218-219Arban's Famous Method for Trombone, Fischer
ArnoldFantasy for TromboneFaber
Bach, J S arr LafosseCourante from Cello Suite No 2, or Allemande from Cello Suite No 4Suites for Tenor Trombone, Le Duc
KoppraschNo 38, 45, 48, or 5160 Studies Vol 2, Hofmeister
List B
CorelliSonata in D minor, ed GibsonIMC
CorelliSonata in F, Op 5, ed BrownIMC
HandelConcerto in F minorIMC
MarcelloSonata No 2 in E minor, any two contrasting mvmtsSchirmer
SchumannRomance Op 94, no 2 ,for Trombone and PianoBrass Wind
TelemannFantasia in A minor No 1Twelve Fantasias for Unaccompanied Trombone, ed Ralph, Fischer
Von WebberRomanza AppassionataFischer
List C
BozzaHommage a BachLeduc
ManciniThe Pink Panther, arr FrankenpohlKendor
PryorBlue Bells of ScotlandFischer
Rimsky- KorsakovTrombone Concerto, 2nd and 3rd mvmtsBrass Wind


Musical Knowledge