Grade Eight

Scales (ascending and descending)

Major D♭, F, G, B♭ Three Octaves
Harmonic Minor D♭, F, G, B♭ Three Octaves
Melodic Minor D♭, F, G, B♭ Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché:
Legato (three octaves per bow):
Chromatic D♭, F Three Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Legato:
Major Arpeggios D♭, F, G, B♭ Three Octaves
Minor Arpeggios D♭, F, G, B♭ Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché:
Dominant Seventh G♭, B♭, C Three Octaves, resolving on the tonic
Diminished Seventh D♭, F, G Three Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Legato:
Double Stops G Major in 3rds Two Octaves
A♭ Major in 6ths Two Octaves
C Major in 8ves Two Octaves
A♭ Harmonic Minor in 3rds Two Octaves
B♭ Harmonic Minor in 6ths Two Octaves
C Harmonic Minor in 8ves Two Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Legato:

Pieces — Four pieces to be chosen, one from each list.

List A
BachCello Suite No 3 in C BWV1009 Prelude or AllemandeSolo Cello Suites arr. For Viola Chester
BachThree Viola da Gamba Sonatas No 1 in G 1st & 2nd mvtsThree Sonatas BWV 1027 to 1029 Bärenreiter BA 5186
BonportiInvention Op 10 No 6 1st & 2nd mvtsTwo Inventions for Viola & Piano Kunzelmann GM1195
FrescoboldiToccataMusic for Viola 111, Editio Musica Budapest Z.13397
HandelConcerto in B min Allegro moltoEschig/UMP
KreutzerStudy No 7, 11, or 12 any oneForty-two Studies for Viola, IMC
MazasStudy No 20, 24 or 28 any oneSpecial Studies for Viola Op 36, Bk 1, Schirmer
TelemannFantasia No 1, Largo & AllegroTwelve Fantasias for Viola Viola World/Music Sales
TelemannFantasia No 7 in Ab, 1st and 2nd mvts, (Dolce & Allegro) Telemann 12 Fantasies, Vol 2, Bärenreiter
List B
BeethovenNotturno for Viola & Piano Op 42 2nd or 5th mvt (Adagio or Allegretto alla polacca)Schott ED10091/MDS
BeethovenSeven Variations on Mozart's Bei Männern from the Magic Flute omitting variations 2 & 4Peters/Faber
BoccheriniSonata No 3 in G: 1st and 2nd mvts, Largo and Allegro alla Militare arr. for violaIMC 821
DittersdorfConcerto in F 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvtsSchott
DittersdorfViola Sonata in Eb 1st mvt Allegro moderatoMusic Sales
HoffmeisterViola Concerto in D: 1st mvtPeters 9857
HummelFantasie for Viola 2nd & 3rd mvts Andantino con moto & Allegro non troppoKunzelmann GM 164/Peters
MozartTheme & Variations Divertimento in D K334 omitting variations 3 & 5PWM6167060/MDS
StamitzViola Concerto in Bb: 3rd mvt RondeauSchott VAB29/MDS
StamitzViola Concerto in D: 3rd mvtPeters or Bärenreiter
TartiniSonata Angelique in C min, Op 1 No 10 1st & 2nd mvtsViola World
VanhalConcerto in C 1st mvtIMC
ZelterViola Concerto in Eb: 1st & 2nd mvts or 2nd & 3rd mvtsPeters GM557
List C
BerliozHarold in Italy, 3rd mvt SérénadeBärenreiter BA 5457a
BrahmsSonata in Eb Op 120 No 2, 1st mvt, Allegro amabileWiener Urtext
BrahmsSonata Movement: Scherzo in C min Op. Post.IMC 440/MDS
BruchRomance for Viola & Orchestra Op 85Henle or Schott VAB6/MDS
FauréElegy Op 24IMC
FranckSonata in D 4th mvt Allegretto poco mossoViola World/Music Sales
GlinkaSonata in D min min 2nd mvt Largetto ma non troppoMusica Rara MR 1034/ Breitkopf & Härtel
JoachimHebrew melodies for Viola Op 9 No 2IMC 3272/ Breitkopf & Härtel
SchumannAdagio and Allegro Op 70Peters P-2386
TchaikovskyNocturne in D min Op 19 No 4IMC
WieniawskiViolin Concerto No 2 in D min, 2nd mvt, Romanza Andante non troppo in BbViola World/Music Sales
List D
A. MinskyLike Crazy or the Flag Waver from Three American PiecesOUP
Bartók arr SzekelyRoumanian Folk Dances No's 1, 2, 5 & 6Viola World
BlochAffirmation or Rapsodie from Suite HébraiqueSchirmer/Music Sales
BrittenElegie for unaccompanied violaFaber
Derek BourgeoisCaprice for Viola & Piano Op 119aBrass Wind
FinziFughetta No 5Five Bagatelles Boosey BH11917/MDS
HonnegerSonata, 2nd mvtEschig
J KinsellaDialogue for ViolaCMC
Leroy AndersonFiddle-FaddleViolaWorld/Music Sales
MilhaudSonata No 2 any mvtHeugel
Paul ColettiFrom My Heart from Three Pieces for Viola & PianoOUP
R. ClarkeMorpheus for Viola & PianoOUP
SamuelGannets Dining, from BlythswoodThree Pieces for Viola & Piano Stainer & Bell
Vaughan WilliamsChristmas Dance No 3 from Suite for Viola Group 1OUP


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