Grade 8


Choose one set: Major
1. B♭, G Harmonic Minor
2. B, G Melodic Minor
3. F, G Chromatic
Major Scales in thirds
Major Arpeggios and Broken Chords
Minor Arpeggios and Broken Chords
Dominant Sevenths of the major keys (arpeggio only)
B, B♭, C Diminished Sevenths (arpeggio only). Beginning on the note.
C, C♯ Whole Tone Scale beginning the lowest C of the instrument.
Sustained note Any note of the G major scale held for 14 - 16 seconds or more. pp - ff - pp
Sustained scale Major scales, 1 octave (upper octave) ascending only. Each note equals two beats (tongued only). Breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes
Ascending and descending within the required range, over two octaves otherwise one octave only is necessary.
All scales and arpeggios to be played all tongued/all slurred/two slurred, two tongued/slurred pairs
Range - Inclusive as shown:
Tempo - ascending and descending minimum metronome speed 80, four notes per beat
Scale in 3rds 80, four notes per beat
Sustained scale 60, one note per two beats


Three pieces to be chosen by three different composers. Two pieces must be from the list below. One alternative "own choice" work may be substituted and should be at a similar level to those already in the syllabus.
Davies & HarrisNo 8080 Graded Studies (Faber)
GershwinPorgy & BessThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
HoneggerA Symphony No 3The Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
Karg-Elert, SCorrente, Op 153 No 425 Capricien und Sonate for Saxophone Solo
KoechlinEtude No 9, or No 1515 Études pour Saxophone et Piano
Percival & DorichEx 3 Pg 58Teacher on Tap Book 3 (Percival & Dorich)
RachmaninoffSymphonic DancesThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
ShostakovichThe Age Of GoldThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
Villa-Lobos, HUirapuruThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
Walton, WFacadeThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
for B flat tenor sax
GouldDiversions Recitatives & Preludes(Schirmer)
HandelSonata no. 13 (Op 1, no.13) arr.Rascher 1st and 2nd mvmts, Elkin-Vogel/U.M.P
MarcelloConcerto in C minor arr Joosen(Molenaar)
MartinBallade for TenorUniversalUE 11250
Villa LobosFantasia, 1st mvtSoprano/Tenor Saxophone (Peer Southern)
for E flat alto sax
Bach, J SSonata No 6, (flute) 1st & 2nd mvttrans Mule, Leduc
Bach, JSSonata No 4arr Mule Leduc
Bonneau, PaulSuite, completeLeduc
BozzaImpromptu & Dance
Debussy, CRapsodie for Saxophone arr Rousseau(Etoile)
Dubois, PMA l'Hongroise or A la ParisiennePièces Caratérisques en forme de suite for Alto Sax & Piano(Leduc)
Elmsley, JohnSonata, slow mvtSounz
Grovlez, GSaraband et Allegro pour ClarinetLeduc
HeidenSonata, 1st mvtSchott
MartinBallade Tenor Saxophone(Universal)
Milhaud, DBraziliera 3rd mvmt Scaramouche Suite(Salabert)
NodaImprovisation No 1
Shostakovich, DThree Fantastic Dances(ed Musicus)
Spiewak, TSonatina, any two mvtsSpiewak/AMC
TcherepninSonatine Sportive, 2nd & 3rd mvtLeduc
Villa-Lobos, HFantasia, 1st mvt(Southern)
WoodsSonata, 1st mvtAdvance


Musical Knowledge