Grade 6


A, G♭ Major
A, G♭, Harmonic Minor
A, G♭, Melodic Minor
A, G♭, Chromatic
A, G♭, Major Scales in Thirds
A, G♭, Whole Tone Scale
A, G♭, Major Arpeggios
A, G♭, Minor Arpeggios
A, G♭, Dominant Sevenths
A, G♭, Diminished Sevenths (beginning on the note)
Double Tonguing B♭ major, 1 octave (ascending and descending). 2 semi-quavers on each note
Sustained note Any one note of the E major scale held for at least 12 seconds, with crescendo and decrecendo (p - ff - p)
Sustained scale Major scales, 1 octave (upper octave) ascending. Each note to be held for two beats (tongued only). Breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes
Articulation - All scales to be played ascending and descending one or two octave(s) within the required range.
All scales and arpeggios to be played: all tongued/ all slurred/ two slurred, two tongued/ slurred pairs
Range - Inclusive as shown:
Tempo - Ascending and descending minimum metronome speed 120, two notes per beat


Three pieces to be chosen by three different composers. Two pieces must be from the list below. One alternative "own choice" work may be substituted and should be at a similar level to those already in the syllabus.
ArbanNo 2, pp 205-206Arban's Famous Method for Trombone, Fischer
Bach, J S arr LafosseGigue from Cello Suite No 1Suites for Tenor Trombone, Le Duc
BachAriosoSolos for the Trombone Player ed Smith, Schirmer
BaileyWily BossaJazz Incorporated, vol 1, Bailey
CoeVariations on The Ash Grove Theme and variations 2 and 4.OUP
CorelliPreludioSolos for the Trombone Player ed Smith, Schirmer
Ed LangeyNo 16 and No 17, p 72 or No 23 and No 24, p 75 or No 4, p 89 or No 5, p 90The Trombone, Bass Clef, Boosey & Hawkes
GalliardSonata No 3, 1st and 2nd movementsIMC
GounodLend me your Aid from La Reine de SabaTrombone Solo Album, ed laycock, Boosey and Hawkes
GregsonDivertimento for Trombone and Piano, 1st mvmt onlyChappell
HandelAdagio CantabileSolos for the Trombone Player ed Smith, Schirmer
JacobTrombone Sonata, 1st mvmt onlyEmerson
KoppraschNo 14, 15, 22 or 25 and 26Sixty Studies, Vol 1, IMC
LusherNo. 4, No 6, or No 11Don Lusher's Trombone Album, Boosey and Hawkes
MarcelloSonata in A minor for 'cello, 1st and 2nd movements
MarcelloSonata in E minor, any two contrasting movementsIMC, Peeters, Schirmer
NightingaleNo 24, Joot HootEasy Jazzy 'Tudes, Warwick
RidoutSonata, 1st and 3rd mvmts (unaccompanied)Emerson
Rimsky-KorsakovAndante CantabileSolos for the Trombone Player ed Smith, Schirmer
ShostakovichFour Preludes, any one mvmt.Ed. Musicus
TelemannSonata in F minorSecond Book of Trombone Solos ed. Goodwin/Pearson, Faber


Musical Knowledge