Grade Five


Major B Two Octaves
C, D, E Three Octaves
Melodic Minor B Two Octaves
C, D, E Three Octaves
Harmonic Minor B Two Octaves
C, D, E Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Separate
Seven notes slurred
Martelé (with separate bows)
Chromatic D, E Two Octaves
Bowing Pattern Four notes slurred
Double Stops G major in 6ths ascending and descending, compass one octave
Dominant Seventh E Two Octaves
Diminished Seventh E Three Octaves, beginning on the note
Major Arpeggios B Two Octaves
C, D, E Three Octaves
Minor Arpeggios B Two Octaves
C, D, E Two Octaves
Bowing Pattern Martelé (with separate bows)
Three notes slurred

Pieces — Four pieces to be chosen, one from each list, plus two in extra repertoire list.

List A
Benoy and Sutton Introduction to Thumb Position No. 22, 23, 24 or 25 O.U.P
CohenNo 1, 2, or 5Technique Takes Off Faber
Dotzauer Study No. 13, 21, 23, or 2740 Studies, Stainer and Bell
Feuillard Study No. 19, 39, 41, 42, or 45Etudes du Jeune Violoncellist, Delrieu
Lee, S.Study No. 8, 10, 12, 13, 18, or 21.40Melodic and Progressive Studies, Vol 1. Op 31 I.M.C
MooneyOh Susannah or The Blue Bells of ScotlandThumb position for the Cello Bk 1 Summy-Birchard Inc
List B
BachAriosoGreat Cello Solos, Chester
BachSuite No. 3 in C BWV1009 Bourrées I and II,
Bach Suite No.1 in G BWV1007 Courante, Minuets, or Gigue
De FeschSonata in C Op 8 No 3, 2nd mvt AllemandaPeters
FlacktonSonata No 3 in F, Minuet & VariationsSchott ED 11056
Handel ArieOld Master Melodies, Bk2, Schott, ED 5533
MarcelloSonata in E Minor, Op.2, No. 2, 2nd mvt (Allegro)Peters EP7423
MarcelloSonata in G Op 2 No 6 4th mvt AllegroPeters P- 7394, Suzuki Cello Method Vol 4
Marcello Sonata in F major, No 1, 1st or 2nd mvt
MarcelloSonata in G 4th mvt AllegroTwo Sonatas , Stainer & Bell
Passionei Sonata in C Op.1, 2nd mvt Cello Meets Piano, Mayhew
Tartini Lento MestoOld Master Melodies, Bk2, Schott, ED 5533
VivaldiLargo, Sonata No.3First Repertoire for Cello Bk 3, Faber
List C
BorodinNocturne from String Quartet No 2Classic Experience: encores for cello Cramer
Chopin Prelude in B Minor, Op 28, No.6 Chopin for Cello and Piano, Bk.1 PWM10 382
Dvořák HumoresqueSuzuki Cello School, Vol 3, Suzuki
FauréAuroreTwo Songs from Twenty Melodies, SJ Music D1996- 8
Haydn Scherzando in G majorCello Meets Piano, Mayhew
Hummel PrestoLittle Suite Op.19a, Schauer EE2954
MassenetMelodie-élegie des Erinnyes Op 10 No 5Salonstücke für cello Vol 1 Kunzelmann or separately Jobert/UMP
MozartAve Verum CorpusVioloncello Music for Beginners, Bk 3, E.M.B. Z14037
Schubert Gratzer GaloppCello Meets Piano, Mayhew
Schumann Träumerai, Op.15, No.7Schott
TchaikovskyNeopolitan DanceVioloncello Music for Beginners, Bk 3, E.M.B. Z14037
TchaikovskyValse SentimentaleI.M.C
TchaikovskyWaltz from Sleeping BeautyClassic Experience: Encores for Cello, Cramer
List D
Arr Huws JonesDrowsey MaggieJigs & Reels & More, Boosey & Hawkes
Biddington, EPrelude & FinaleLittle Suite for Unaccompanied Cello SOUNZ
Gershwin I Got RhythmPlay Gershwin for Piano and Cello, Faber
Gershwin SummertimePlay Gershwin for Piano and Cello Faber
JacobRobot's MarchThe Contemporary Cellist Bk 2 ABRSM
JacobsonHip Hip BourréeUnbeaten Tracks Faber
Janáček Three Moravian Folksongs (complete)Amazing Solos for Cello, Boosey & Hawkes
Le Fleming DanceAir and Dance, Chester
Lovelock RomanceAlbert
Nicholls Bohemian DanceRecital Repertoire for cellists, Bk 2, Faber
Nicholls CakewalkRecital Repertoire for cellists, Bk 1, Faber
Shostakovich Romance from the GadflyArr. Otty, SJ Music D1990-5
Wedgwood 2010: No 8Upgrade for Cello (Grades 3 and 4), Faber
Wedgwood Rock a Bow BabyJazzin' About for Cello and Piano, Faber
WilliamsFawkes the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I.M.C/Faber


Musical Knowledge