Grade Six


Major A♭ Two Octaves
D♭, E♭, F, G Three Octaves
Melodic Minor G♯ (A♭) Two Octaves
D♭ (C♯), E♭, F, G Three Octaves
Harmonic Minor G♯ (A♭) Two Octaves
D♭ (C♯), E♭, F, G Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Detaché (single legato bows)
Chromatic D, E♭, D♭ Three Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Four notes slurred
Double Stops A♭ major in 6ths ascending and descending, compass one octave
Shifting Slurred octave shifts on A string, compass C to G
Dominant Sevenths E♭, D♭ (C♯) Two Octaves, in the key of

Diminished Sevenths E♭, C♯ Three Octaves, beginning on the note

Major Arpeggios A♭ (G♯) Two Octaves
D♭ (C♯), E♭, F, G Three Octaves
Minor Arpeggios A♭ (G♯) Two Octaves
D♭ (C♯), E♭, F, G Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns Detaché
Three notes slurred

Pieces — Four pieces to be chosen, one from each list plus two in extra repertoire list.

List A
Dotzauer Study No. 24, 25, 26, 32, 33 or 4040 Studies, Stainer & Bell
FeuillardStudy No. 43, 49, 50 or 53. Etudes du Jeune Violoncellist Delrieu
Franchomme Study No. 2, Op. 3512 Studies, I.M.C
Lee, S.Study No. 24, 25, 26, 28, 34, 37 or 39.40 Melodic and Progressive Studies, Vol 2. Op 31, I.M.C
MooneyMoon Over the Ruined Trailer Park or The Happy Certified Public AccountantPosition Pieces Bk 2
List B
Bach, J.SSuite No 1 in G, BWV100, Allemande or SarabandeBärenreiter BA320
Bach, J.SSuite No 2 in D min, BWV1, Allemande or GigueBärenreiter
De Caix d'herveloisSarabande and MinuetOld Master Melodies, Bk2, Schott, ED 5533
Handel AriosoSchott, 9610
Paradis, M SicilienneLearning the Tenor Clef, Faber; Suzuki Cello Method Bk 7
Pergolesi Sinfonia in F, 1st mvtSchott
TelemannSonata in D (TWV D:6) 3rd and 4th mvtsCello meets Piano, Mayhew
Telemann Sicilienne No 9.Twelve Fantasias, Moseler
Telemann Vivace or Presto, No.10Twelve Fantasias, Moseler
Valensin MenuetOld Master Melodies, Bk 2, Schott, ED 5533
VivaldiAny 2 mvts from any SonataSix Sonatas, Peters
List C
BazelaireBerceuse ChignoiseLeduc
BazelaireSuite Francais, Op.114, 5th mvt, Schott
Cui Oriental, Op 50, No.9Kalmus; Cheney Solos Vol 4
Dvořák Appassionato, Op.75, No.3Cello Meets Piano, Mayhew
Elgar Chanson de MartinLearning the tenor Clef, Faber
Elgar Salut d'amour, Op 12.Schott; Cheney Solos Vol 5
Glazounov Serenade EspagnoleI.M.C.
Goltermann Concerto No. 4 in G, Op.65, 3rd mvtI.M.C.
Mendelssohn Song without words, Op.109I.M.C.Cheney Solos Vol 6
Moskowski Guitarre, Op 45 , No 2, arr for celloPeters, P-2224
Popper Happy Recollections, Op 64, No.1International 3055; Cheney Solos Vol 3
Reger Romance in GBreitkopf and Härtel, 3421
Saint-Saëns The SwanI.M.C; Suzuki Cello School Vol. 6
Schubert Ave Maria, Op 52, No.4Editio Musica Budapest
SchumannNo 1Fantasie Stücke, Op 73, Peters EP7279
List D
AlbrechtsbergerScherzandoCello Meets Piano, Mayhew
Bartók An Evening in the VillageEditio Musica Budapest
Bartók Roumanian Folk Dances, No 1 and 4.Editio Musica Budapest
BridgeCradle SongFour Pieces for Cello and Piano, Faber
Bruch Dance/Swedish, Op.70, No.3Simrock
Davis ElegyUnbeaten Tracks-Cello, Faber
DebussyNocturne and ScherzoFaber
FauréBerceuse, Op 16Hamelle
FauréSicilienne, Op 78Hamelle
HindemithKleine Sonata, 2nd mvtSchott 8186
Lloyd WeberIn the Half LightThree Pieces for Cello and Piano, Stainer H376
MaconchyThe Clock or VigilDivertimento, Faber
MustonenFrogs Dancing on Water LiliesUnbeaten Tracks-Cello, Faber
NichollsCake WalkRecital Repertoire for Cellists, Bk.1, Faber
RodrigoSonata alla Breve, 1st mvtSchott
SeiberTangoLearning the Tenor Clef, Faber
TurnageVocaliseUnbeaten Tracks-cello, Faber
Wells, JohnThe Cygnet for Cello and


Musical Knowledge