Diploma AMUSNZ


Entrants may choose alternatives to those listed below, but must submit their alternative programme for approval prior to entry. The entrant will select a programme of four pieces. One should be unaccompanied and three others contrasting in style and era, with a playing time of between 20 - 35 minutes. If the works have an accompaniment written for them, entrants must use an accompanist. The chosen repertoire must reflect sufficient technical/musical challenges to fulfil the criteria for Level Five.
List A - for any saxophone
Bozza, ENo 12, pg 15-1712 Études - Caprices for Saxophone (Leduc)
Couf, HIntroduction, Dance & FuriosoSolo Saxophone (Belwyn Mills)
Karg-Elert, SCiaccona No 1225 Capricen und Sonate for Solo Saxophone Op 153, Heft 1 (Zimmermann)
KoechlinAny 2 Etudes15 Études pour Saxophone et Piano
Samyn, NNo 2 or No 49 Études Trascendantes (Billaudot)
List B - for B flat tenor sax
Bach, JSSonata in A minorClassic Sax for Soprano or Tenor (Currency)
Bach, JSViolincello Suite IV, any four mvtsarr Ricker (Dorn)
TelemannSonata arr Londeix 1st and 2nd mvmtLeduc
List B - for E flat alto sax
Bach, JSSonata in A minorClassical Saxophone for Alto (Currency)
Bach, JSSonate (flute), any four mvts of 6Trans Mule (Leduc)
Bach, JSViolincello Suite IV, any four mvtsarr Ricker (Dorn)
HandelFirst SonataLeduc
List C - for B flat tenor sax
Feld, JSonate pour SaxophoneSoprano Sib et Piano (Leduc)
Glick, S ISuite HebraiqueB flat Tenor Saxophone (Clarinet) & Piano (Boosey & Hawkes)
Harvey, PConcertino Soprano(Maurer)
Harvey, PConcertino Tenor(Maurer)
List C - for E flat alto sax
Binge, RConcertoAlto Saxophone & Piano (Weinberger)
Bozza, EPrélude et Divertissement(Leduc)
Bozza, EScaramouche Op53 No 2(Leduc)
Defaye, J MAmelopsisAlto Saxophone & Piano (Leduc)
Dubois, P MSonatine(Leduc)
Glazounov, AConcerto(Leduc)
HarveyContest Solo No 2 for AltoStudio
HarveyContest Solo No 5 for BaritoneStudio
Heiden, BSonata AltoSaxophone & Piano (Schott)
List D - for B flat tenor sax
HevlikTwo Lyric PiecesSouthern
Noda, RMaï(Leduc)
SchmittSong de CoppeliusLemoine
List D - for E flat alto sax
FrançaisCinq Danses Exotiques(Schott)
Jacob7 Miscellanies (choose any 5)Emerson
Noda, RMaï(Leduc)

Musical Knowledge

Co-requisite Theory