Grade 8


Choose one set: Major
1. B♭, E, G Harmonic Minor
2. F, B, G Melodic Minor
3. E♭, D, G Chromatic
Major Scales in thirds
Major Arpeggios and Broken Chords
Minor Arpeggios and Broken Chords
Dominant Sevenths of the major keys (arpeggio only)
B, B♭, C Diminished Sevenths (arpeggio only). Beginning on the note.
C, C♯ Whole Tone Scale beginning the lowest C of the instrument.
Sustained note Any one note of the G major scale held for 14 - 16 seconds.
Sustained scale Major scales, 1 octave (upper octave) ascending only. Each note equals two beats (tongued only). Breathe every 8 beats or 4 notes.
Ascending and descending within the required range, over three octaves otherwise two octaves only are necessary.
All scales and arpeggios to be: all tongued/all slurred/two tongued, two slurred/slurred pairs
Range - Inclusive as shown:
Tempo - ascending and descending minimum metronome speed 80, four notes per beat
Scales in 3rds 80, four notes per beat
Sustained scale 60, one note per two beats

Pieces — Five list pieces to be chosen, one each from lists A, B and C and two from list D.

List A
Davies & HarrisNo 8080 Graded Studies (Faber)
Karg-Elert, SCorrente, Op 153 No 425 Capricien und Sonate for Saxophone Solo
KoechlinEtude No 9, or No 1515 Études pour Saxophone et Piano
Percival & DorichEx 3 Pg 58Teacher on Tap Book 3 (Percival & Dorich)
List B - for B flat tenor sax
GouldDiversions Recitatives & Preludes(Schirmer)
HandelSonata no. 13 (Op 1, no.13) arr.Rascher 1st and 2nd mvmts, Elkin-Vogel/U.M.P
MarcelloConcerto in C minor arr Joosen(Molenaar)
MartinBallade for TenorUniversalUE 11250
Villa LobosFantasia, 1st mvtSoprano/Tenor Saxophone (Peer Southern)
List B - for E flat alto sax
Bach, J SSonata No 6, (flute) 1st & 2nd mvttrans Mule, Leduc
Bach, JSSonata No 4arr Mule Leduc
Bonneau, PaulSuite, completeLeduc
HeidenSonata, 1st mvtSchott
List C - for E flat alto sax
BozzaImpromptu & Dance
Debussy, CRapsodie for Saxophone arr Rousseau(Etoile)
Dubois, PMA l'Hongroise or A la ParisiennePièces Caratérisques en forme de suite for Alto Sax & Piano(Leduc)
Elmsley, JohnSonata, slow mvtSounz
Grovlez, GSaraband et Allegro pour ClarinetLeduc
MartinBallade Tenor Saxophone(Universal)
Milhaud, DBraziliera 3rd mvmt Scaramouche Suite(Salabert)
NodaImprovisation No 1
Shostakovich, DThree Fantastic Dances(ed Musicus)
Spiewak, TSonatina, any two mvtsSpiewak/AMC
TcherepninSonatine Sportive, 2nd & 3rd mvtLeduc
Villa-Lobos, HFantasia, 1st mvt(Southern)
WoodsSonata, 1st mvtAdvance
List D - Orchestral excerpts - where there is more than 1 line, the top line only needs to be learned
GershwinPorgy & BessThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
HoneggerA Symphony No 3The Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
RachmaninoffSymphonic DancesThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
ShostakovichThe Age Of GoldThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
Villa-Lobos, HUirapuruThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)
Walton, WFacadeThe Orchestral Saxophonist, ed Ronkin & Frascotti (Roncorp)


Musical Knowledge