Grade Six

Scales (ascending and descending)

Major D♭, F Three Octaves
Harmonic Minor D♭, F Three Octaves
Melodic Minor D♭, F Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché
Chromatic F Two Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Legato
Major Arpeggios D♭, F Three Octaves
Minor Arpeggios D♭, F Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché
Dominant Seventh G♭ Two Octaves, resolving on the tonic
Diminished Seventh D♭ Two Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Legato
Double Stops F Major in 3rds One Octave
A♭ Major in 6ths One Octave
D Major in 8ves Two Octaves
Bowing in slurred broken step, then together as in the following example:



Three pieces to be chosen by three different composers. Two pieces must be from the list below. One alternative "own choice" work may be substituted and should be at a similar level to those already in the syllabus.
AlbenizTangoL'Alto classique Vol C, UMP
B. HummelLittle Suite Op 19c, 2nd mvt: Andante sostenutoSimrock/MDS
B.HummelSonatina for Viola No 1 Op 35b, 3rd mvt VivaceSimrock EE2948/MDS
BachCourante, Cello Suite No 1 in G BWV 1007 3rd mvtBach Six Cello Suites Peters EP7489/ Chester CHO1401
BachViola da Gamba Sonata No 2 in D 1st & 2nd mvt Adagio & Allegro BWV 1028Three Sonatas BWV 1027 - 1029
Bach, J.C.Viola Concerto 2nd mvtSalabert/ UMP
BartókEvening in the VillageEditio Musica/Boosey
BeethovenRondo for Viola & PianoSchott/MDS
BennettThe Czar of Muscovy No 6 from Six Country DancesNovello NOVO90750/Music Sales
BerkeleySonata in D min, 1st & 2nd or 2nd & 3rd mvtsChester
BonportiInvention Op 10 No 3, 4th mvt, Bizarria Two Inventions Kunzelmann/MDS
BridgeSerenadeBridge Four Pieces for Viola & Piano Faber
BridgeSpring SongTen Pieces for Viola & Piano Vol 2 Thames/Music Sales
Bärenreiter Faber
Caix d'HerveloisLa Marche du CzarL'alto Classique Vol C, UMP
Caix d'HerveloisTambourinSolos for the Viola Player Schirmer/Music Sales
CohenNo 4 Swirling Arabesques or No 9 The Bee's Knees Technique takes off! Faber
CorelliSonata in D min Op 5 No 8IMC
DanclaFantasia - La Cenerentola Op 86 No 7Solos for Young Violists Vol 2 Alfred
EcclesSonata in G min 1st mvt & either 2nd or 4th mvtFaber/Peters
FauréBerceuse Op 16Hamelle/UMP
FauréSicilienne Op 78Peters/Faber
FergusonBurlesqueFour Short Pieces, Boosey
FibichPoéme Op 39Idyll at Twilight Schott/MDS
FioccoAllegroViola World
FlacktonSonata in C min, 1st & 2nd mvtsSchott
FlacktonSonata in G, 1st mvtSchott
GlazunovSerenade Espagnole Op 20 arr GinotJobert/UMP
GranadosDanza Espanola No 2 OrientalUME
GrazioliSonata in F 1st mvtStainer & Bell
GriegTwo Elegaic Melodies No 2, Last SpringClassical and Romantic Pieces for Viola & Piano OUP
HandelSonata in G min Op 1 No 6 1st & 2nd mvtsStainer & Bell H244
HaydnDiverimento in D, Allegro di Molto Elkan-Vogel/UMP
Herschel HillNoveletteTwo Pieces for Viola & Piano Stainer & Bell
HovhannesChahagir for Solo ViolaRongwen
JoachimHebrew melodies for Viola Op 9, No 1IMC 3272/MDS
JoplinSolaceViola World/Bosworth
KreutzStudy No 4 or No 5Select Studies Bk 3, Stainer & Bell
MazasStudy No 5 or No 7Special Studies for Viola Op 36, Bk I, Schirmer
MendelssohnSong Without Words Op 19 No 1Chester Music for Viola, Chester
MilhaudSonata No 1 any one mvtHeugel
MozartMenuetto Divertimento K334Viola World/Bosworth
R. ClarkeLullaby No 1Clarke Shorter Pieces for Viola & Piano OUP
RichardsonSussex LullabyComus
SchubertSonatina No 1 in D, D384 3rd mvtBelwin/IMC
SchumannFairytales Op 113 No 1 or No 4Breitkopf
SchumannOp 113 No 4 from MärchenbilderPeters P-2372
SchumannRomance No 1 Op 94Stainer & Bell
SenailléSonata in G min Op 5 No 9 1st & 2nd mvts, Largo & AllegroStainer & Bell
SittAlbum Leaves Op 39 No 6 Allegro, Molto vivaceSolos for Young Violists Vol 4 Alfred/Faber
StamitzViola Concerto No 3 in G 2nd mvt AdagioBreitkopf & Härtel EB6654
Tchaikovsky BarcarolleChester Music for Viola, Chester
TelemannConcerto in G maj, 1st & 2nd mvts or 3rd & 4th mvtsBärenreiter/Faber
TelemannSonata in A min, 2nd mvt AllegroSchott ED10357
TelemannSonata in E min for Viola da Gamba TWV 41..e5 1st & 2nd mvts Cantabile & AllegroMusic for Viola 1, Editio Musica Budapest Z.12846
Vaughan WilliamsCarol No 2 Suite for Viola Group 1OUP
VivaldiSiciliano from 'Gloria' RV 589Baroque Pieces for Viola arr Forbes, OUP
VivaldiSonata in C Aria & Allegro or Aria & GigaSchott Viola Repertory Schott
WolfVerborgeheit No 12Solos for the Viola Player arr Doktor, Schirmer


Musical Knowledge