Grade Seven

Scales (ascending and descending)

Major E, A♭ Three Octaves
Harmonic Minor E, A♭ Three Octaves
Melodic Minor E, A♭ Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché
Hook Stroke (upper third of bow)
Chromatic C Three Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Legato (12 note slur)
Major Arpeggios E, A♭ Three Octaves
Minor Arpeggios E, A♭ Three Octaves
Bowing Patterns: Détaché
Dominant Seventh F Three Octaves, resolving on the tonic
Diminished Seventh C Three Octaves
Bowing Pattern: Legato
Double Stops E♭ Major in 3rds Two Octaves
C Major in 6ths Two Octaves
D♭, Major in 8ves Two Octaves
Bowing Pattern:


Three pieces to be chosen by three different composers. Two pieces must be from the list below. One alternative "own choice" work may be substituted and should be at a similar level to those already in the syllabus.
A StamitzConcerto No 2 in F 1st mvt (without cadenza)Schott
BachAllemande, Suite No 1 BWV 1007Bach Six Cello Suites Peters EP7489/ Chester CHO1401
BachCourante Suite No 3 BWV 1009Bach Six Cello Suites Peters EP7489/ Chester CHO1401
BachViola da Gamba Sonata No 1 in G BWV1027 3rd & 4th mvts Andante & Allegro moderatoThree Sonatas BWV 1027 to 1029 Bärenreiter BA 5186
BachViola da Gamba Sonata No 2 in D BWV1028 3rd & 4th mvts Andante & AllegroThree Sonatas BWV 1027 to 1029 Bärenreiter BA 5186
BonportiInvention Op 10 No 3, 3rd & 4th mvts, Fantasia & Bizarria Two Inventions Kunzelmann/MDS
BrahmsHungarian Dance No 1 or No 3Hungarian Dances arr Forbes, Peters H-699/Faber
BrahmsSonata in F min Op 120 No 1 2nd mvt Andante un poco adagioWiener Urtext
BridgeAllegrettoThames/Music Sales
BridgeSouvenirBridge Ten Pieces for Viola Vol 2 Thames/Music Sales
CohenNo 11: Sequenza or No 14 Ride like the WindTechnique takes off!, Faber
DebussyThe Girl with the Flaxen HairViola World
DimitrescuVillage DanceMusic for Viola 111, Editio Musica Budapest Z.13397
DvořákBagatelle Op 47 No 3Heinrichsen/Peters
EcclesSonata in G min 1st & 2nd or 3rd & 4th mvtsPeters
FauréPavane Op 50Hamelle/UMP
FinziPrelude No 1Five Bagatelles Boosey/MDS
GershwinPrelude No 2Three Preludes, Viola World
GlazunovElegy Op 44IMC
GraunViola Sonata No 1 in Bb 1st mvt Adagio, with cadenzaBreitkopf & Härtel EB 4173
HandelAir with Variations Suite No 5 The Harmonious BlacksmithBaroque Pieces for Viola & Piano, OUP
HollowayDuo for Viola & PianoAMC
HubayHejre KatiViola World/Bosworth
JacobSonatina, any one mvtNovello
JoplinPineapple RagViola World/Music Sales
K. StamitzViola Concerto in D Op 1 2nd mvt AdagioBreitkopf & Härtel EB 5580
KaliwodaNocturne No 6 IMC 1221
KreislerSicilienne & RigaudonViola World
KreutzerStudy No 6 or No 8Forty-two Studies for Viola, IMC
Le ClairSonata Le Tambeau, 1st & 2nd mvtsIMC
LisztRomance OubliéEditio Musica/Boosey
MaraisLa musette or ProvençalFive Old French Dances Chester
MarcelloSonata No 4 in E min 1st and 2nd mvtsIMC
MassenetMeditation from ThaisViola World
MazasStudy No 6 or No 12Special Studies for Viola Op 36, Book 1, Schirmer
McKinnConcert Piece for Viola & PianoAMC
MilhaudLa Californienne or La PariesienneQuatre Visages, Heugel/UMP
MussorgskyGopakPopular Pieces for Viola OUP
PistonInterludeBoosey & Hawkes
PurcellChacony in G minBaroque Pieces for Viola, arr Forbes, OUP
R. ClarkePassacaglia on an Old English TuneClarke Shorter Pieces for Viola & Piano OUP
RavelPavane pour Une Infante DéfunteUMP
Roche & DouryLes Clowns No 5Sous le chapiteau, Combre C4636/UMP
SchubertArpeggione Sonata in A min D821 2nd mvt Adagio Solos for the Viola Player arr Doktor Schirmer
SchumannOp 113 No 1 from MärchenbilderPeters P-2372/Henle
SchumannRomance Op 94 No 1Three Romances for Viola & Piano Stainer & Bell
ScriabinPrelude in C♯ minIMC
TartiniSonata Angelique in C min, 1st & 2nd 3rd & 4th mvtsViola World
TchaikovskyValse SentimentaleViola World
TelemannFantasia No 1012 Fantasias for Viola, Viola World
TelemannSonata in E min for Viola da Gamba TWV 41..e 5 3rd & 4th mvts Recitativo & Arioso and VivaceMusic for Viola Bk 1 Editio Musica Budapest. Z.12846
VanhalConcerto in F, 1st mvtDoblinger
Vaughan Williams Prelude, Suite for Viola, Group 1, OUP
VivaldiCello Sonata No 6 in Bb, arr. Primrose: 1st and 2nd mvtsIMC 1855
ZinzadseGeorgian DanceMusic for Viola 111, Editio Musica Budapest Z.13397


Musical Knowledge