Grade One

Time 1 hour
Maximum mark 100
Pass mark 60
Entrants will be prepared to answer questions on the following:

Time values

The following note values, rests and time signatures:
example ~ with or without anacrusis


Writing and identifying notes on the treble and bass clefs including two leger lines above and below each stave. The sharp, flat and natural.

Keys and Scales


Writing and identifying all diatonic intervals above the tonic in specified keys for the grade. Treble clef and number only (not quality).


Writing the tonic triad in root position in the treble clef. Keys: C, G and F major

Memory and Transposition


The English meanings of the following, together with their abbreviations and signs, where applicable: adagio, allegro, andante, moderato, presto accelerando (accel.), a tempo, rallentando (rall.), ritardando (rit.), ritenuto (riten.) (rit.) crescendo (cres.) (cresc.), decrescendo (decres.) (decresc.), diminuendo (dim.), forte (f), piano (p), legato, staccato tie, slur, bar line, double bar line

Allocation of marks from a total of 100

Time and Rhythm 16
Pitch 18
Keys and Scales 20
Intervals and Triads 12
Memory 10
Transposition 10
Musical Knowledge 14