Terminology for Grade Two

adagio slowly lento slowly
andante at an easy walking pace largo broadly
moderato at a moderate speed allegretto moderately fast
allegro cheerful and fast vivace lively, fast
presto very fast vivo alive, lively
Modifications of Tempo
accelerando (accel.) gradually becoming faster a tempo return to former speed
rallentando (rall.) gradually becoming slower allargando becoming broader
ritardando (rit.) gradually becoming slower piu mosso quicker
ritenuto (riten.) (rit.) held back meno mosso slower
crescendo (cres.) (cresc.) gradually becoming louder pianissimo (pp) very soft
decrescendo (decres.) (decresc.) fortissimo (ff) very loud
diminuendo (dim.) gradually becoming softer mezzo forte (mf) moderately loud
forte (f) loud mezzo piano (mp) moderately soft
piano (p) soft
Other Terms
legato smoothly, well connected senza without
staccato detached, short cantabile in a singing style
maestoso majestic leggiero lightly
sostenuto sustained fine the end
sempre always dal segno from the sign
poco a little da capo al fine from the beginning to the word fine
molto very mezzo staccato moderately short and detached