Grade Six

Time 3 hours
Maximum mark 100
Pass mark 60
Entrants should be prepared to answer questions that touch on matters specified in previous grades and concentrate on the following:




To show knowledge of the brass instruments of the symphony orchestra (horn in F, trumpet in B♭, tenor trombone, tuba in F), their ranges and the clefs they use.

General Musical Skills

Set Work

Entrants will be able to answer general questions about the work, to quote the main themes, and indicate their orchestration. Symphony No 39 in E♭, 1st movement and 2nd movement, W. A. Mozart.
An analysis in New Listening Guides by Dando and Sell
ISBN 0582542308 is available from Pearson Education NZ. email :

Allocation of marks from a total of 100

Four Part Harmony 20
Two Part Writing 20
Composition 12
Form 14
Set Work 20
Instruments 14