Grade Five

Time 3 hours
Maximum mark 100
Pass mark 60
Entrants should be prepared to answer questions on the following:

Keys and Scales

The recognition and writing of scales and their key signatures of all major and minor scales (both forms).


Recognition and writing of all diatonic (both harmonic and melodic) and chromatic intervals and their inversions. Treble clef or bass clef, with or without key signatures.


Understanding of modulation, as it occurs in melodies, to the dominant, subdominant, relative major or relative minor keys.



To identify, show knowledge of, and provide examples of the following forms:


To show a knowledge of the woodwind instruments of the symphony orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet in B♭, clarinet in A, bassoon), and to show a knowledge of the ranges of these instruments, and clefs used.

General Musical Skills

Allocation of marks from a total of 100

Scales and Modulations 16
Intervals 10
Harmony 28
Form 18
Composition 12
Woodwind Instruments 16