Grade Two

Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Maximum mark 100
Pass mark 60
Entrants will be prepared to answer questions on the following:

Time values

Added to the note values and rests of the previous grades, entrants will now recognize:
In simple time:

In compound time:

The following note lengths in both simple and compound time:


example ~ as it occurs as an anacrusis before the bar-line

example ~~ The semibreve or whole bar rest
Added to the time signature of previous grades:

example ~~ with or without anacrusis Entrants show an understanding of simple duple, triple and quadruple time and compound duple time.

Keys and Scales

Added to previous grade are: D and A major A, E and D minor (harmonic form) Through one or two octaves, including positioning of tones and semitones.


Recognition and writing of all diatonic intervals above the tonic in specified keys for the grade. Treble clef and specifying quality and numerical value.


Writing the tonic triad in root position in the keys specified for the grade. Treble clef and bass clef.


To recognize the form of a tune as binary or ternary and show ability to mark its main divisions A B or A B A.

General Musical Skills

To mark the accentuation in a simple couplet of words by placing a bar line before each accented syllable or word.

Memory and Transposition


The English meanings of the following, together with their abbreviations and signs, where applicable: adagio, allegretto, allegro, andante, largo, lento, moderato, presto, vivace, vivo accelerando (accel), allargando, meno mosso, piu mosso, rallentando (rall.), ritardando (rit.), ritenuto (riten.) (rit.), a tempo crescendo (cres.) (cresc.), decrescendo (decres.) (decresc.), diminuendo (dim.), forte (f), fortissimo (ff), mezzo forte (mf), piano (p), pianissimo (pp), mezzo piano (mp) cantabile, fine, da capo al fine, dal segno, legato, leggiero, maestoso, molto, poco, sempre, senza, sostenuto, staccato, mezzo staccato pause, repeat sign, signs for accents

Allocation of marks from a total of 100

Time and Rhythm 20
Keys and Scales 14
Intervals and Triads 18
Memory 12
Transposition 10
Composition 8
Musical Knowledge 18